Hello, and welcome to my Ridgdill Family History Research website.  This is
a non-profit site, expressly used for displaying the results of my own
personal research.  Should you choose to use any of the information found
here, you should only use the information as a guide.  While I strive to make
sure the information is as accurate as humanly possible, there is always
room for error, even from the most reliable sources.  If ever there is doubt,
you should conduct your own research.  This website will be an on-going
work in progress, so please check back regularly.  Thank you.

Surname variations.
How many times has your Ridgdill surname been misspelled over the years?  Thousands,
probably, and not always the same misspelling.  It was no different  for our ancestors, either.  
During my years of research, I've found our surname spelled many different ways.  Notice I didn't
say "misspelled."  That's because I don't know how our name is actually supposed to be spelled.  
I have found information on our family dating back to the 1500's, and have found the names
Ridgdill, Ridgdell, Ridgell, Ridgill, Ridgedill, Ridgedell, Ridgel, Ridgil, Rigell, Rigill, Rigsdell,
Ridgdale, and Ridgdaile.  Guess what, they're all related.  There are still others such as Riddle,
Riggs, Rigdon, Ridgeway, and even Ridgett, which may possibly be connected, also.  There may
be others that I just haven't found, yet.  What's worse, even our own U.S. Census Records are
inconsistent.  The Census began in 1790 and is conducted every ten years.  It's not uncommon
to find our name spelled three different ways in three consecutive censuses for the same
person.  So, who's to say which is the correct spelling?  Certainly not me.  Whatever way your
particular ancestor decided to spell your surname is fine by me.  What matters most is that we're
all family, and family is everything.

Favorite genealogy web sites.
There are literally hundreds of genealogy web sites to choose from.  Some require a
subscription, but there are still some good web sites that are free.  Here are some of my
favorites.  Just click on the links to go to the web sites.

Subscription sites:

Free sites:

Favorite sites:

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